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We are pleased to relaunch Wholepop.com in its new weblog format. Share tidibits, web sitings, interesting trivia regarding material and popular culture. Wholepop.com moderators Jack Mingo and Erin Barrett are pop culture mavens and co-authors of "Just Curious, Jeeves!" (Ask Jeeves Publishing, 2000). A Classified Ads section will be launched shortly for announcements and advertisements.

  Is this Paris Hiltons' mother
Posted by lonestarbluesboy on 2005/03/12 23:45:47 US/Eastern

On a album by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band,Bob Markley makes a reference to his girlfriend at the time,Trish Hilton,on a song called Carte Blanche,is Trish the mother of Paris?

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  Irish Showbands & Beat-Groups Archive
Posted by Francis Kaye on 2004/06/23 19:33:17 GMT-4

A fascinating insight into the showband phenomenon in Ireland from 1958 to 1972


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  Chupa Chups lollipop inventor dead
Food & Drink
Posted by Susie on 2003/12/30 06:08:07 US/Eastern

MADRID, Spain (AP) --Enric Bernat Fontlladosa, creator of Spain's world-famous Chupa Chups lollipop, has died, the company said Monday. He was 80.

He died December 27 at home in Barcelona, in northeastern Spain, said Miguel Otero, spokesman of Chupa Chups, which produces the flower-shaped candy on a plastic stick.


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  Tulsa Pop Culture
Posted by Mike Ransom on 2003/07/19 19:47:36 GMT-4

One city's pop culture history in depth, as told by readers: Tulsa TV Memories


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  Show me Show you
Food & Drink
Posted by Kikkoman on 2002/11/25 22:29:54 US/Eastern

I have my own fan site!


Don't miss the banana and shrimp!

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  Home furnishings for the retro lifestyle
Posted by AT on 2002/11/10 14:13:35 US/Eastern

We don't normally do plugs (at least for other people), but this site is definitely worth a visit:


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  Mingo and Barrett, Bathroom Experts!
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2002/11/08 13:52:40 US/Eastern

We (your favorite site editors) have a website up about our column and books. Buy the books from there and we actually get a cut. (Hurray!) Here's the URL:


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  Meet the competition
Posted by AT on 2002/10/20 00:40:38 GMT-4

Here's a pop culture site worth visiting:


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  More retro ads
Posted by Geekette on 2002/09/05 16:27:41 GMT-4

More retro ads for the geeks amongst us:


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  Beta, Bye-bye-bye
Posted by Erin Barrett on 2002/08/27 19:23:35 GMT-4

It had to happen some day, alas: Sony's throwing in the towel on Betamax.

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  Pop Culture Haiku
Posted by fingerbear on 2002/08/12 01:45:36 GMT-4

People who think haiku poetry has to be about nature and the seasons are probably not going to like this site...


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  Advertisements of the 60's
Posted by Aron S-T on 2002/07/22 14:25:38 GMT-4

Tom Tomorrow (a.k.a. Dan Perkins) has a wonderful collection of advertisements from the 60's. Check it out here, under the Cabinet of Wonders Section:


In fact, check out everything else in that section!

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  NEW! Lunch Box Community Forum - ''The World is Our Lunch Box''
Posted by Bryan Los on 2002/06/18 13:05:02 GMT-4

The LBP Community Forum is now open! This forum is for all things lunch box. Register today!!


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  Naughty Barbie
Toys & Games
Posted by Ken Carson on 2002/06/10 23:27:23 GMT-4

I know this naughty Barbie stuff is getting a bit out of hand, but still, here's some pics from our honeymoon:


Now don't look at the next paragraph unless you are 18!!!!!!!!!!

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  The 80's really sucked - Transformers are back
Toys & Games
Posted by 60z Rule on 2002/04/30 13:04:24 GMT-4

As further proof of how lame the 80's were, here's the latest pop culture come back from that era:


The Transformers are back, apparently fueled by Generation X lamers waxing nostalgiac.

Sad, huh?

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  He's B-b-b-back
Posted by Bryce Lynch on 2002/04/30 12:58:30 GMT-4

Max Headroom, one of my personal favorites, is coming back for an encore on TechTV:


For those of you who don't know about this series, this is definitely one of the best cyberpunk productions ever done. Plus Theora was hot!

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